Ironically this week’s readings very much fell in line with what my option B was going to be for the Evidence assignment, all of which greatly addressing the loss of history. For Robert Adams is the destruction of the open space and his documentation of these events without irony and examining what has been lost due to humanity expansion throughout the open lands of the U.S. and idea I had considered for my project this week dealt greatly in this avenue as I was going to be walking three hiking trails in Fort Collins looking to capture the presence of human disruption amongst these natural preservation areas, though sub-zero temperatures and a more personal idea came to mind.


Nevertheless, in past works of mine, I have indeed examined such concepts but didn’t at the time realize how much of an infringement these human-made items within the shot had created until bringing them into the edit suite of my Adobe Creative Cloud whereby I discovered how often there was just one pesky telephone pole, electric box or line, or row of houses created such a stir in the mid or background of my shots. I could have the necessary edits in Photoshop to remove the bastardizing elements, but that would also remove the reality is would have made them, albeit suspended as such for how much editing I did otherwise to some of the older works contained. As well as, most recently one of the projects was intended as a location scout for a film I was intending on shooting and thus the annoyances were left in as reference to remember when deciding whether or not to shoot in that location.

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Reading Response 2.jpg