This week’s readings seem to be along the lines of voice and truth equating into discovering one’s own truth. “The Fisherwoman” entirely depicts the effects of being lied and the insecurities therein. The author describes the act of being cheated in great detail leading to self-guilt and self-disgust as a result of the story’s focus having created a false reality with such tender care.


This story is interesting as it was juxtaposed with “My Most Important Photo” because Lauren Greenfield described the need to find her voice and express the reality from which she was raised and that opposes to the myth created by Hollywood about Hollywood. She wanted to express truth in reality whereas “The Fisherwoman” unearthed the falsehoods created by the hustle.


One’s truth which culminates into one’s voice is of great interest to me. As a filmmaker I’ve found a great deal of my work has veered done the path of darkness, usually being considered within the horror genre, and though some of my projects I have certainly leaned into this idea, my general intent hasn’t been as such. I like darkness and I like exploring what details can be brought out in the shade.


On that note, I have discovered in many of my portrait I like to implore the people in the image to express something they wouldn’t usually either on camera or in public. Rage, loneliness, nothingness, etc. The unattractive qualities in a person, or their repressed truths, are far more interesting to me that the masks dawn to the world.

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