One’s world can be turned upside down in an instant or over the course of time, the only difference between the two is perspective, that’s largely what I took away from the i-doc we watched this week. There was such beauty and eloquence that went in to telling these folks stories without the need for fancy photos. Documenting the past through photos was the only way in time the town of Pine Point could be remembered. Eventually everything and everyone from there will be gone and all that will survive are the memories that were captured.


It is eerily impossible to separate this story from the current pandemic and we are still too close to it to comprehend the ramifications of COVID-19. Will in twenty years from now our children, or for some grandchildren, question if the various quarantines even happened or what life was like before the world turned? The only thing we’ll have as evidence of the human madness are our stories.


Will people of the future be surprised, horrified, or think it’s a lie that at one point in human history people would cram into a roughly twenty-four-inch-wide chair next to three-hundred and fifty strangers in an enclosed area to watch people, creatures, Avengers packed tightly together rushing the field of battle after one snap repopulated the world from a near baron wasteland as the past and the future went crashing into each other? Or will this have been a dream that in twenty years’ time people will have done their darnedest to forget about?

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