EVIDENCE: 1. An outward sign, 2. Something that furnishes truth. (Merriam-Webster) As the assignment was to furnish evidence in the form of photographs, my initial intent was to create a murder mystery fictional narrative whereby the tools of the trade were published as a series of photographs that would represent the evidence of the case. I pivoted from this idea because I have decided to reassess my work as of late as nearly all of which have gone down the path of the horror genre. In this sequence I decided to lean away from the theme of death and head towards a theme of life.


I chose to shoot a series of photographs that represent a metaphorical sequence of what the human condition requires for survival; however, I didn’t leap entirely away from the idea of the murder mystery. My intent was to produce photos that would appear as if they were taken for the purposes of evidence gathering (minus the identification tags generally used to label evidence) with two exceptions: the beginning of the chain with the image of the snow indicating where a person has come from (and if one were to look closely, they might notice buried footprints) and ending with the yellowing flower at the end of the series indicating where a person is heading. All are in black and white apart from these two items.


I’ve chosen a selection of tools, equipment, workout gear, and two vehicles to demonstrate the path of the person, as one is to build one’s self up, exercise, live freely, put in work, and find a manor of joy as one transcends life.


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