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A nation of duality, the Skiaki people are born with multiple people existing within one presence. The first person born is known as the "prime" and the second the "other". Most commonly they are a pairing, but there have been cases of three others within one existence. 


Nothing is known of the origins of The Skiaki, where they come from or how they evolved into beings of multitude; however their signature black marks upon their faces are a result of over 1500 years of evolution in their current residence in the Stal Mountains just ten miles south of the Dark Wood. 

Though their most common occupation has been coal mining, many of the Skiaki have departed for more nefarious work either as mercenaries or black market dealers, specifically the cultivation and sale of a blue fluid called "Blue Night". The substance enhances the users senses yielding super natural abilities. It has only been in the last decade that it's been revealed that Blue Night is actually derived from the blood of the Fairy-Folk...involuntarily.  

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The Fair-Folk are one of the oldest civilizations in Solheim and were among the first chosen to protect the Dark Wood when the Old Guard fell. Their existences has been predicated on the spirituality and connection to the land with the Dark Wood. Their way of life depends on the roots of the trees staying strong and as such have developed an equilibrium with the forest. 


Their connection to the trees has also granted them supernatural powers which are tied ether established with the lost world of Skurge. These powers and their ability to fly gives them generally a solid advantage in combat. They are able to conjure a variety of weapons for energy based to iron axes and swords, one most notably: the Black Blade of Skurge. It is the only known weapon to have defeated a Titan. 

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A large community intent on conserving for the benefit of humanity, the Wolf values order in the attempt to maximize productivity. The leaders of the Pack of Centralization (the Wolf’s chief sect) believed that in order for people to live amongst each other, humanity must fundamentally subscribe to a similar belief system. An individual was not capable of fostering a grand compatibility with the nature of his/her world and thus required a unity of peoples; however, that unification must and always adhere to the laws set forth by The Higher Order (the Wolf’s perceived deity). The most famous example, which sparked the Third Rebellion of the Masses, was “The False Trial of Langford the Brute”.

As the last remaining city-born civilization, the Wolf maintains a strict order and punishes swiftly, as they consider any outsider a friend who must be enlightened upon the best of ways to live, in harmony with their fellow people.