I thoroughly enjoy portrait photography. I believe it stems from my work as a filmmaker and as an actor, I enjoy communicating with the person in front of the camera. In this case I asked a friend of mine who is an actor with whom I’ve worked with before, both as performers and in a scene, I shot for rendition of a play in a documentary. I lured my dear friend here in by offering to also shoot her some free headshots. Win, win.


The primary theme I went with in this series I called the Valkyrie, which is a broad term being used as exhibiting power in darkness. I love exploring shadows and falloff, creating mystery within the shot. The challenge I was giving myself was to use entirely artificial lighting rather than natural sunlight, because my portraits in the past, the most successful of them, were all done using sunlight and in the outdoors. I really wanted to experiment with lighting a space and feel a way through a scene one frame at a time. I have a great deal of experience lighting with regards to cinematographer; however, when lighting is designed for either subject or camera to move through frame rather than trying to capture a single frame that tells the same (or similar) story.


Another thing I wanted to challenge myself with was to not do a great deal of editing on these photos. Though previous series I was creating an aesthetic that I felt was amplified with by additional editing, whether it was to recreate the look of an era or additionally saturating the image; with these I wanted to stay as totally authentic to the moment were creating in the space on the day. That’s the story that was being told.