Fascinating. The imagery created by JR is palpable. The overall intrigue therein though is the participator extension he had hoped to create with his project. There’s to be little that can unify folks short of art, because when one is given a theme, art can be anything. In this instance, art is a reflection of reality or an attempt to display the reflection of a community upon the structures that we call home. Inside Out reminds a lot of another platform called HitRecord.org founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


The site was founded in 2004 as a means to inspire creativity and collaboration, as it seems JR is trying to do with his project, both have been running for over ten years. As JR’s intention has been to create community involvement in order to effect social and societal change, the aim of HitRecord.org is slightly different and yet not as dissimilar as one might think. In fact, one of the HitRecord’s longer running campaigns at the start of the COVID19 pandemic was the show your mask campaign in an effort to get folks to not only wear but exhibit his/her/their face coverings, the notion is also unifying as a sign of strength within the community.


Where both really seem to intersect as far as scope and intent is their intention of creating participation through art. HitRecord and Inside Out require people to activate themselves in order to reflect their conditions of the world they know and thus prompting other to remix and exhibit the same in kind. The photos I’ve included with this posting are specifically from HitRecord’s creative collaborative project “Our Eyes” which was inspired by a line created for another prompt on the site “Eyes write the mind’s story”. Over 1300 people have contributed to this iteration of the project, here’s just five from HitRecord.org:

Iris _skhan .jpg
Camo eyes by Danseflamme.jpg
The window to the soul by  stillmindopen
Mine Black99.jpg
It’s all about the Smeyes by  sgleason h