The Medium

The medium is a web-series that is pseudo interactive, and what I mean that is the audience can choose which storyline to follow they wish, there will be a "canon" tab the contains not only the lore of the world these stories take place in, but also stories that have previously been told in this world. It is pseudo interactive because the audience will not be able to effect the story being told, merely choose which characters' eyes they will want to explore the story through. To go along with the canon tab, there will also be section that will give some history of the characters themselves and their relationship to the world in which they live.


Part 1: Rover/Raven (two personalities co-existing in one body symbiotically who’ve been tasked with hunting down the traitor Titus for the Wolf Society) and Titus (a person whom doesn’t know they past, only the journey forward, but they carry an immense power that strikes fear in the heart of the Wolf Society).


Part 2: Krowe (a washed up detective who’s taken up the task of saving the world from god knows what) and Val/Black (a person suffering from multiple personalities fighting over the presence of one body creating a power vacuum that  currently neither have been able to control).


Part 3: SO-317 is a Synthetic Organizm designed to hunt down magical persons. After it has an encounter with a violent person of the fairy-folk, SO-317 begins to question the meaning to its life and ponder the question: what am I?

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These stories have been stuck in my head for years. I have a passion for fantasy and noir storytelling. I have also have a deep interest for explore the emotional state of humans through supernatural abilities and how those abilities are reflected outwards in a character's daily life. I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge a great deal of the aesthetic has been from the stylings of comic books and graphic novels. A great deal of my influences have come from the like of Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman, specifically work with "The Dark Knight Returns" and "Sandman" respectively.

For story influences, I am eternally inspired by William Shakespeare, and though it is not obvious which characters share traits with Shakespeare's characters, the positively do. I am also inspired a great deal by the works (stylistically) of Robert Rodriguez (mostly apparent would be Sin City (2005), as well as Zack Snyder, notably 300 (2006) and Watchman (2009); both were inspired by their respectively graphic novels and hold true to the point I'm about to make: I believe my target audience would be those who enjoy comic book movies. Not super movies, wherein the distinction is that I find a comic book movie being faithful to the storytelling and style of the source material while a superhero movie tends not to be as influenced by the stylings of the comic.

As my interest clearly lies greatly with the comic book style, I am also interested in the experience to also be capable of being mobile friendly. I would like to know if the audience prefers to experience such storytelling on their device rather than in a movie theatre. And as the times are evolving to more remote entertainment experiences (even pre-pandemic) I feel essential to experience with remote forms of narrative as well. I have also found in the web-series model, even in short form, it has made it easier to tell longer form narratives but in smaller doses. A minor point I'm wanting to examine with the project as well is whether or not audience retention will be maximized in the shorter format space. 

Production timeline

February: Filming has already begun. Two more scripts need to be completed by 02.28.22


March: Editing of P1Ep3, P2Ep3, and P3Ep1 commenced. Principle photography completed by 03.18.22

April: Final cut of P1Ep3, P2Ep3, and P3Ep1 uploaded to site. 04.01.22 Site up and running with Parts 1, 2, and 3, as well as Canon segments and comic previews.